Networking in a Small World

I was visiting a client/friend in Houston a few years back. He was looking for help setting up his non-profit foundation, and I was in need of a vacation, so I combined business with pleasure with a tax write-off trip to Houston for three or four days. The consultation was completed in a day, so I had a couple of days to relax. I was staying at a hotel near the Galleria conveniently across from Truluck’s, an awesome steak & seafood restaurant, by the way.

At home, I’m always on the road between clients, the office and the courthouses, so I took this opportunity to just stay at the hotel and chill. After dinner the first evening, I was hanging out in the hotel’s hot tub reading. An older couple was there, very friendly. We began to talking about life, career, family. When I mentioned my hometown, a small town in California between LA and Las Vegas, they stopped talking and started sizing me up, scrutinizing my facial features. The old lady asked “Are you TJ and Deena’s kid?”. I was shocked! What are the chances that I’d be sitting in a hot tub in Texas and meet someone who knew my parents? In a small town, everyone knows everyone else, and it turns out they lived outside of my hometown, and were friends of my parents. Apparently, I had even met them as a child. I didn’t remember that, but they sure did.

We reminisced about the folks back home, my dad’s passing, and other idle gossip. I mean, there isn’t much else to talk about when you’re from a podunk town like mine anyway. The night had far exceeded my expectations, and I was thoroughly satisfied and ready to take in the news and hit the sack early. As I was reaching for my towel, I accidentally knocked my cell phone into the hot tub. Couldn’t I have one freaking vacation without incident? Fortunately there was a cell phone repair shop nearby that knew exactly what to do. I was sure I’d lose all my contacts, text messages, etc. I was relieved to find out that this happens fairly often, and reassured that everything would be intact. It was, thankfully.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Well, there are two. First of all, it’s a small world, so always be networking. You never know who you’ll bump into, regardless of where you go. Also, you don’t know what those people you bump into might be able to do for you someday. So as you go about your day, every day, network yourself. Make acquaintances with folks, exchange business cards.

Secondly, do something to help your new friends. Give them a call a day or so after you’ve met to let them know that you have someone that might be interested in their services. Believe me, if you do that for the people you meet, you’ll ALWAYS be remembered and many will repay your kindness one day. You never know, you might end up in a hot tub with someone you’ve met in a city far far away. So with repaying in mind, I have to thank the folks who fixed my phone, Cell Phone Repair Houston, who certainly saved me from a sleepless night and hours of trying to put the jigsaw puzzle I call my life back together if I had to buy a new cell phone.

Success… the Dream and the Drive!

As someone who has benefited greatly from self-improvement books, I often recommend some of my favorites to young and motivated associates. It’s rare that I have read a self-improvement book and disagreed with the concepts, our doubted the validity. So if the books’ concepts are sound, why is it that so many who have read such books fail in their ventures, or their investments or relationships? Don’t these books cover these exact topics? (more…)

Never Stop Learning

I’m a lifelong learner. I attribute much of my success to that fact. When we stop learning, we stop growing, and growth can come in many forms – physically, emotionally, financially, mentally. Who in their right mind would admit that he isn’t interested in growing financially or mentally? No one would, but most won’t do what it takes to actually continue growing. If you can make yours a mindset of growth and learning, you will go far. (more…)

Follow Up!

From my decades of working in the professional world, I can give you a handful of qualities that set some people apart from the rest. In fact, I’m sure you could name your own qualities that you feel are among the most important when measuring up a new acquaintance. Some common ones would be honesty, sincerity, good eye contact, firm handshake, work ethic, kindness and the list goes on. (more…)

Just Do It

The Internet is blowing up with Shia Lebeouf’s minute longĀ  ‘motivational speech’. In a way, it’s actually funny. Now his video is being superimposed onto other videos and movie clips, making for some hilarious remixes. One of my favorite remixes is Shia trying to motivate Luke Skywalker to lift his spaceship out of the swamps.

I’ve met Shia, and he is an intense fellow. He is the perfect actor to deliver this message, because he’s actually one who practices what he preaches. He has not let his dreams just be dreams. After watching the original youtube video several times and laughing it up, I thought about the video’s message. I don’t think Shia was acting. He really is fired up about making dreams a reality in his own life and in the life of those he’s touched.

As I reflected on the video, I thought about how I applied the same motivation throughout my own life. This one minute video contains some real gems if you listen for them.

“If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up.”

“Yesterday you said tomorrow. So just do it!”

“Yes you can!”

“Don’t let your dreams be dreams”

Why don’t you take a listen one more time? Take it in and think about how you can apply this wisdom in your daily endeavors. If you have dreams, what can you do today, right now to make those dreams come true? Think about it!