Life is good… finally. I busted my hump for over 35 years as a lawyer in LA, but I’ve hung it up – retired. No more phones ringing before 7:00am on a daily basis, no more 75 hour weeks, no more divas or juiced up athletes. Now it’s just me, my honey and the occasional grandkid. After dinner, we sit on the balcony overlooking LA from my hill in Anaheim, the breeze bringing in the cool ocean air. Life is good… finally.Balcony view

It hasn’t always been that way. I didn’t grow up rich. I wasn’t top of my high school class. I probably partied a little too much back then. During my senior year of high school, I lost my dad. Suddenly, I realized I had no direction and I had been coasting, not really thinking beyond tomorrow. My parents had been my compass, and now that compass was broken, broken for good. I found out that I had a strong work ethic. I decided to chart my own course. I decided upon law school, and would not be deterred.

As a lawyer, I decided to represent a clientele that was wealthy, fairly easily manipulated and often in trouble – stars and athletes. I can’t say it was a pleasant 35 years of listening to them bitch and moan about the most trivial of issues, but it paid the bills and then some. Many of my previous clients are now my closest friends, and we meet often and talk about the ‘good old days’.

While talking about old times, I got the idea of sharing some of my stories and motivations on my own blog. My hope is to inspire, motivate and help others who might be going through tough times like I did. If I can help someone to push through it, then this blog has been worthwhile.

Contact me if you like and let me know if any of my scribblings have made a difference in your life. My contact information can be found at my Contact page.

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